Constructed on an original equestrian community, this new home captures the original use and history of the land. The simple farmhouse style provides a familiar style in the neighborhood as well as an open floor plan for a new and growing family. The symmetrical front porches invites visitors to the front door as well as offering a private porch for quiet conversations on one side and private porch off of the gentleman’s study on the other. A sweeping stair case is turned so the family enters directly into the family room on a daily basis, but the open curved landing provides a beautiful detail in the foyer for guests. The back of the home opens up at every opportunity to take in views of the wooded creek beyond. Subtle details such as oval windows, the flickering glow of a gas lantern, wood walls and field stone give the simple design an added layer of welcoming comfort. A friendly familiar home welcomes its owners and their new guests while hinting at the past of the surrounding landscape.

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