The existing residence burned stemming from a lightning strike. Thankfully, the home was unoccupied and no one was hurt. The new owner wished to reuse the existing footprint, but build a new more contemporary design. The new design utilizes the existing foundation, but now offers wonderful views of the lake, updated living spaces and is a welcome addition to the lake community. The new design features a prominent entry gable and steel door to welcome the owners. The rear opens up to the lake with large steel windows or spacious covered porch and an open patio. The exterior utilizes typical lake materials and colors, but uses subtle materials changes to give the elevations a cohesive and updated look. The entry foyer offer views through the house and porch to the lake. The minimalist kitchen enjoys a large window to the entry as well as a spectacular view to the lake via the vaulted family room. The large porch offers seating around the fireplace as well as dining area towards the lake.

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